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Imagine living and working in an urban oasis; a spot central to all North County, where you can walk to work, bike or hike the local trails, shop at the market across the street and meet friends for drinks down the block. A college town built around an urban square. A cosmopolitan center, that sparks a strong sense of place and pride among the people who call it home. Its compact area, strategic location, and amazing access to existing mass transit, make it the most exciting new development in San Diego County.

This is North City. A visionary development, at the heart of North County San Diego.

North City, a hip, happening hub of mixed-use residential, retail and commercial space, attracting people of all ages and stages who want to live where they work, and stay where they play.

A place for all ages. A place for all stages. A place to be seen. A place to see.

North City
A center for all of North County, located in the center of the City of San Marcos, next to California State University San Marcos!!


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